Jewellery. Arianna headband (Ref. LIZFH2922 37658540).
Jewellery. Arianna headband (Ref. FH2823 37529444) with a Swarovski crystal flower fitted to the sid
Jewellery. Arianna headband (Ref. LIZFH2816 37435080). A stunning pearl headband.
Jewellery. Arianna Lijar383 headband (Ref. Lijar383 38258237) with beautiful lace and pearl flowers
Jewellery. Breeze Headband.
Jewellery. China Headband.
Jewellery. Emily Jean bird cage (Ref. EJDMINI 3836 6147) with pearly Swarovski crystal with netting
Jewellery. Emily Jean Petal headpiece (Ref. EJDPETAL 39019998). Features a flower fitted to the side
Jewellery. Halo & Co Adrienna headband (Ref. 38781421). This stunning headband presents delicate bra
Jewellery. Halo & Co Amelia headband (Ref. 38781469). With beautiful diamonds and Swarovski stones.
Jewellery. Halo & Co Saskia headband (Ref. 38216152). With white and grey Swarovski crystal.
Jewellery. Halo & Co Springti headband (Ref. HLOSPRINGTI 38195419). Features diamante flowers with p
Jewellery. Halo & Co Stella headband (Ref. Hlostella 37937553). This beautiful headband features a s
Jewellery. Halo & Co headband (Ref. UA11-24 38781506). Pearl and diamond headband.
Jewellery. Headband (Ref. RIDTR1438A).  Lace flower details set off with pearls and diamante.
Jewellery. Johna Comb.
Jewellery. Lacey headband.
Jewellery. Linzy Jay headband (Ref. Lijar241 37434946). Diamante headpiece.
Jewellery. Linzy Jay headband (Ref. IZFH3028 37836078). Stunning flower tiara with pearls and Swarov
Jewellery. Linzy Jay headband (Ref. LIZFH3144 38216411). Diamante bow headband with Swarovski crysta
Jewellery. Linzy Jay headpiece (Ref. LIZMAGGIE 37807979) with a diamonte band and a pearl flower fit
Jewellery. Park Lane headband.
Jewellery. Pretty Bling Chloe headband (Ref. PBBChloe 38799129). Features flowers with diamantes and
Jewellery. Pretty Bling Glitter headband (Ref. PBBGlitter 38846683). Features Swarovski crystal wrap
Jewellery. Pretty Bling Kristina headband (Ref. PBBKristina). Features three pearl and diamante flow
Jewellery. Richard Design RIDTR1302 diamante headband (Ref. RIDTR 3827 9850).
Jewellery. Siesta Comb.
Jewellery. Bird Cage Ref. (LIJLF022 38362422). Bird cage style piece on a flexible hair clip. Corsag
Jewellery. Diamante Organza with Satin & Bow Veil (Ref. LIJLF022).
Jewellery. Ivory Petal and Silver Headband (Ref. RIDTR1318 38194115).
Jewellery. Orchid Headband (Ref. EJDORCHID 38366239).
Jewellery. Pearl Asymmetric Half Tiara (Ref. LIJLT510).
Jewellery. Silver & Swarovski Crystal Headband (Ref. RIDTR1232 38163104).
Jewellery. Silver Beads & Bow Style Headband (Ref. 38194100).
Jewellery. Timeless Colliage & Floral Side Piece (Ref. HLOSTELLA).
Jewellery. Bird Cage (Ref. RIDTR1418A).
Jewellery. Elegant and simple comb with sparkly flower and spray design with a gorgeous pearl and di
Jewellery. Crystal Comb (Ref. RYCCOMO57). Diamante and crystal comb with mini flower detail to the c
Jewellery. Feather & Brooch Headpiece (Ref. ROJ4737 38258121). Vintage style skull cap on a flexible
Jewellery. Headband (Ref. RIDTR1482A). Stunning lace detailed headband with intricate gold beading a
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